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A Strong, Reliable Business Model

  • Deep understanding of customer unmet needs (R&D = ~9% of Revenues1)
    1. Simplified sophisticated instruments
      • 150k+ installed base with 5-to-7-year replacement cycle
    2. Informatics designed for regulatory submission
      • Embedded within Top 50 Pharma Companies
      • #1 Chromatography Data System
    3. Customized Consumables
      • Innovator in small molecule and biologic separations
      • Leader in analytical chemistry solutions
    4. Services to maximize productivity and utilization
      • Strong technical expertise
      • Top-ranked Field Services2

Note: 1. Total R&D spending as a percentage of non-service total company sales revenue FY-21; 2. Multiple ‘Achievement in Customer Excellence’ Awards (Confirmit) for proven excellence and innovation in Customer Experience programs. Source: Waters data and estimates. All data are estimates based on internal projections and represent forward-looking statements and are subject to inherent uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ and such differences could be material. Please refer to the Company’s Cautionary Statements.

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Serving Sustainable Growth Markets

  • Pharma (60%)

    • Pharma HSD Manufacturing volume; biologics and novel modalities; outsourcing
    • Clinical MSD-HSD Early disease detection; volume of testing
  • Industrial and Applied (30%)

    • Food and Environment MSD Safe food, water, and environmental health; population growth
    • Materials MSD Battery testing; Sustainable polymers
  • Academic & Government (10%)

    • LSD – MSD Government funding

Total Market = $70+ Billion

Note: Revenue analysis for FY-21. Growth rates here reflect our internal analysis historical market trend data, which are subject to future changes. Source: Waters data and estimates, consulting data, industry reports and market research.

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With an Innovative Portfolio

Waters Portfolio (select products shown)

  1. Instruments
    • Liquid Chromatography
      • Arc HPLC
      • Acquity Premier
    • Mass Spectrometry
      • Xevo TQ Absolute
      • Select Series Cyclic IMS
    • TA Instruments
      • Discovery HR
      • Discovery TGA
  2. Recurring Revenues
    • Precision Chemistry
      • MaxPeak Premier Columns
    • Service
    • Enterprise Informatics
      • Empower
      • waters_connect

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